Local Activites

Importance of local activities in addiction treatment


Boredom is often a trigger for a recovering addict. It can induce cravings and thoughts of times where this void was filled with the substance they used. At Keystone Recovery we have activities that fill this void and prevent relapses.


Keystone Recovery Network is nestled in Montecito California. Being at the epicenter of the American Riviera, there are a lot of activities near by. Santa Barbara has a lot to offer for someone in recovery. They are wide variety of activities helps clients with their recovery by implementing activities that are out of the ordinary. Offering such changes allows for minimal boredom and controls the cravings they may encounter. The art galleries and wonderful environment is a breath of fresh air for our clients who are recovering.


Santa Barbara isn’t the only destination in the american riviera. Being so close to multicultural environments, our clients can enjoy the change of scenery through cultural towns like Solvang, California. In recovery, supportive surroundings are good for the clients