Luxury Recovery Center: Pool & Spa

Recover in Luxury & Tranquility


Here at Keystone we offer a wide variety of amenities. Among these amenities is a gorgeous temperature controlled pool, hot tub and sauna. Our clients are welcome to use all the amenities as part of their recovery stay.


Keystone also offers a sauna room. Many people feel that saunas help the body detox, and relax. During the detox phase, clients may feel discomfort and anxiety. The sauna may be used to help subside these symptoms as well as minimize potential pain. Keystone Recovery Network is on the front of innovative and effective treatment. Helping clients mitigate discomfort during treatment is at the forefront of our recovery program. The amenities at Keystone Recovery Network, including the pool, hot tub and sauna are here to help our clients comfortably detox and support their transition into sobriety.