An addiction treatment tool

At Keystone Recovery Network, we believe in a holistic approach to recovery treatment. Putting programs into place to make sure this is implemented on all cases. Offering many therapeutic modalities, yoga stands on its own due to its power as support to all other treatments.

How it helps alcohol & drug addiction

As an individual uses alcohol and drugs on a regular basis, their brain begins to make changes and the pathways related to pleasure and manage emotions, as well as making sounds decisions is negatively affected. During the recovery process, the absence of these substances allow the brain to begin fixing the severed connections. Practicing this therapy treatment, allows the brain to heal much faster. Due to the way it connects the mind and body, recovering individuals greatly benefit during their rehabilitation.

Detoxing with Yoga

Yoga can really be a powerful tool during recovery. Many individuals can increase their energy levels, encouraging people to eat better, exercise and improve the quality of sleep. All of this helps with withdrawal symptoms and making detox a more comfortable experience.

Lasting sobriety

The practice of yoga in the continuation through recovery is important. At keystone, we instill a practice of meditation and spiritual connection through recovery. Practicing yoga on a daily basis helps the individual focus on the cravings and take control of their actions. It can help the individual focus their energy in inward and truly take ownership of their feelings, thus, becoming self-reliant and self-confident.