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I. Professional Conduct

• Represents Keystone Recovery Network in a professional manner with a courte-ous and cooperative attitude. Maintains punctuality and takes direction.
• Complies with facility, departmental, safety and human resources policies.
• Maintains a neat, professional appearance consistent with the dress code.
• Arrives and leaves on time. Seeks and receives approval regarding schedule changes.
• Complies with all ethics and conduct codes; maintains clients’ rights.
• Maintains client confidentiality and HIPAA guidelines at all times.

II. Counseling Services

• Maintains client caseload and manages individual treatment processes from a culturally, co-occurring and trauma informed perspective in conjunction with oth-er clinical team members.
• Utilizing screening and assessment tools, monitors client appropriateness for levels of care and makes referrals as needed to meet clients’ treatment goals.
• Conducts Bio-Psych-Social assessment, Utilization Reviews, and other assess-ments, gathers appropriate demographic information, develops treatment plans in conjunction with clients including short and long term goals that are measurable and time bound. Ensures documentation is completed on time and as needed by Treatment Consultants. Reviews treatment plans and updates as required.
• Documents treatment plans, treatment plans updates, group notes, individual session notes, progress notes, updates, clinical staffing notes, incident reports and any other required documents in a timely manner and ensures each note is dated and signed.
• Conducts groups and individual sessions including but not limited to therapeutic sessions, processing groups, educational groups, etc.
• Communicates with managerial, clinical and support staff when clients’ needs demand additional monitoring or attention for instance, client is having emotional turmoil, experiencing crisis, etc.
• Can redirect and de-escalate crisis situations, conduct emergency management and has understanding of proper emergency procedures
• Can identify signs of impending client emotional distress or crisis, is knowledge-able of co-occurring disorders and can conduct appropriate interventions or make appropriate referrals as situations arise.
• Works with Clinical Team and Clinical Supervisor to conduct reviews of case management, provides clinical presentation during staff meetings of caseload with report outs on each client’s treatment plan updates or engagement (or lack thereof)
• Work with family, referral sources and continuing care sources to ensure excel-lent communication and fluid receipt of outside care where needed and transi-tioning when moving to other levels of care or exiting.
• Communicates with local and national referral sources to develop extensive re-ferral network for Summit Estate

III. Client and Facility Safety:

• Promotes a safe work environment complying with environment of care, safety, and infection control and universal precaution guidelines
• May conduct client testing (urine screening, breathalyzer, etc.)

IV. Other Duties:

• Assist with operations of a residential treatment facility that provides services 24 hours a day. This may include but is not limited to:
• Washing dishes, cleaning up of kitchen areas, preparing meals.
• Picking up and ensuring house is safe and orderly.
• Cleaning up spills, light housekeeping if needed.
• Adeptly handling on-the-spot situations to ensure that household is running smoothly and clients’ needs are met.

V. General Qualifications

• Minimum 3 years substance abuse counseling experience;
• Must possess knowledge of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, post acute withdrawal processes and symptoms, basic understanding of the role of medications in detox and support for clients who experience co-occurring disor-ders;
• Recognition of individuals under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
• Ability to work effectively as part of a treatment team and communicate effectively with staff, residents, family members and the community;
• CPR Certification, First Aid Certification and an annual Tuberculosis test result.
• Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
• Follows nondiscrimination laws and conduct in performance of duties
• Good organizational skills; ability to prioritize workload and work independently.
• Must comply with drug-free workplace guidelines.
• Registered, Certified or Licensed by CA recognized Certifying Organization or Licensing Body
• High School diploma or GED
• Willingness to work a flexible schedule
• Ability to pass employer’s MVR check in order to be added to insurance carrier.
• Current California Driver’s License

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