Family Program Therapy

Family program for addition therapy


Addiction is a family affair. While the person trapped by addiction often thinks they are the only one suffering, the time leading up to treatment can be an exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming experience for family members.


At Keystone Recovery, we understand the impact addition has on loved ones. It’s important that family members receive support and guidance to give the addict her/his best chance at recovery. It’s also important that family members have the chance to both be heard and to develop healthier ways to communicate and rebuild trust.

About our family program


We encourage family participation and offer education and family therapy groups on a weekly basis. Our goal is to educate families and loved ones with information about substance abuse and its underlying issues so they can develop a better understanding of addiction and how to avoid common pitfalls. Involvement in treatment helps to reduce the stigma of addiction. It also helps the entire family process feelings of guilt, shame and resentment that can keep people stuck in unhealthy patterns of behavior.


Family participation includes opportunities to learn how substance abuse affects the brain and arrests emotional growth. We address family history as well as how family system roles such as enabling, co-dependency and acting out behaviors can undermine communication and healthy relationships. By providing a safe space for loved ones to share their experience with the support of experienced professionals, we can help facilitate the healing of families affected by substance abuse.

How to get involved in our family program


During the course of treatment at Keystone individuals and families can participate in individual, couples and family therapy sessions. We also provide a weekly Wednesday evening family program for loved ones 15 years of age or older. For younger children we can provide individual family sessions as well as resources and referrals for additional help. Our goal is to help our clients and loved ones learn new behaviors and perspectives that lead to more satisfying relationships and healthier lifestyles for everyone.