Residential Treatment

Keystone’s Residential Program

Medically supported treatment, combined with therapy and education, provides the greatest chance of long-term recovery. At Keystone Recovery Network we’ve sought out the most highly trained therapeutic professionals available. Stan Spec, our Clinical Supervisor, managed Cottage Hospital’s Residential Treatment program for over 11 years. Dee Lewke is one of the most diverse and highly informed Counselors in the field. At present, 90% of our staff members are credentialed addiction counselors! Our staff has thousands and thousands of hours working in recovery. Very few treatment facilities have such a well-educated, trained, competent and experienced staff! Above all our staff is compassionate. We’ve been there! We know how you feel!

Alcohol & Drug Detox

We specialize in managing withdrawal symptoms! Treatment usually begins with a detox period where we focus on helping our clients stay comfortable while allowing the body to begin healing and remove toxins. During the detox period, clients are continuously monitored for safety and comfort. Our trained staff members are on call to help manage our client’s custom treatment plan designed by our staff and Physician, as well as to help mitigate withdrawal symptoms and provide support and assistance.  Our Physician also offers a variety of medically assisted withdrawal mitigation strategies such as Amino Acid Therapy, Glutathione and Vitamin Therapy and more.

Family Program

If possible, bringing the family and the client through individual and group counseling help the overall process of recovery in residential treatment. It is important to teach the family the culture of sobriety and the struggles of the road to recovery. Family is a big support for individuals going through recovery. At Keystone, we educate all family members so that there is no disconnect when clients finally make the step of returning home.

Therapeutic Modalities

Like many programs, we offer state of the art therapeutic modalities including:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Meditation Practice and Training
  • Art and Creative Therapies
  • Yoga and acupuncture
  • Community support meetings